Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hidden Territories, Fisherman's Beach

Hidden Territories is a series of  inquires in to the vernacular territories that fringe the urban environment.

New works begin to document these spaces and there inhabitants, with the purpose of distilling there codes and visual symbols in to an essence of folk culture.

Fisherman's Beach is a fully functional working beach in Hythe Kent. 
This series of images images depict a declining coastal industry.

As of March 2010 the beach will become prime redevelopment land with the remaining fishing fleet continuing to operate further along the beach. However the distinctively ramshackle architecture and its intrinsic community are becoming dissembled to make way to progress.

Landed Beach fishing was once a staple industry of the Cinque port towns. 
A culture  that has been in slow decline for decades.

Traces of this industry can still be found around the Kent and Sussex coast line. In this short film  Chris Searson documents the Dungeness, beach fishing community Link

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